‘Exhibition quality pictures’ is the standard used to rate fine photographs. I was taught to make every other picture as though I am going to exhibit it. Ace photographers prepare and work hard for many years to exhibit their pictures. These photos were worth to see and every photo exhibited could tell about the strength of the creator and the power of photography. We learned a lot from those photos.
Nowadays, ‘photography exhibitions’ are becoming more common. Recently, I had visited one of the photography exhibitions in Chennai along with few students from our Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. It was a miserable experience that most of the pictures that are not worth even to keep in the personal albums, were blown up beyond recognition and mounted on random frames and sizes.
Those days the art galleries check the quality of the author and exhibits (May it be art, painting, sculpture and photography). Now most of the galleries do not even bother about as what is displayed on their walls. Sometimes, the organizers of the photography exhibition need to satisfy  everyone, if  it is by a group of photographers/members of a photography club. There may be an indirect obligation on their part to exhibit some ones average photograph..!

These are few of the reasons why the photography exhibitions nowadays attract very few visitors. Let us first learn to edit and select quality photographs, challenges involved in printing a digital image and before we plan to exhibit them.
Displaying a below average photograph in an exhibition is like displaying our ignorance about photography.

Here, ‘ignorance’ is not bliss..!


3 thoughts on “Exhibitions

  1. I have visited one art exhibition and photographs were also displayed along with painting. There were some exceptionally good work..

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  2. What type of mistakes they have done, what is absurd, what is the best, whats your suggestion can be given to the owners (and so to us) so that the quality will improve. Experts like you can give some basic ideas of admirable pictures. (if possible an album with good, better, best, ugly examples could be included). Will you plz. consider my ideas?


  3. I am not sure about photgraphs, I went to a painting exhibition and it was by my classmate. It was quite god. A different one from the usual


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