What is there in a view finder?

Well most of us will have the tendency of looking through the view finder the moment we hold a camera in our arms even if we are not photographers! 

Even now, whenever I do professional photography assignments especially on the locations, I find people who are not connected to me or my work trying to look into the viewfinder of my camera when it is sitting alone on the tripod. In fact most of the professionals do not like others to look through their view finders! Sometimes even the assistants are denied the access to viewfinders.
What is so great about this small glass window of the camera? Can someone forget the maiden experience of looking through a camera’s viewfinder? Though I had shot millions of photos using different kinds of cameras, I am still reminded of the greatest feeling I experienced when I shot for the first time through my Yashica Electro 35, a rangefinder camera about three decades ago.
Well, for me a view finder is responsible for the ‘precise definition’ of a photograph. A view finder brings in a special frame to human vision, which otherwise is less defined, general, superficial, nonspecific and non-detailed.
The imagination of a ‘photographer’ is composed and defined only through this magic window – viewfinder. Every bit of the visual information included in the viewfinder is very important to convert a subject into a great photograph. This is because you do not see anything more than the ‘frame’ of the view finder. I see this more as a connection between my mind screen and the image I capture. Hence, we cannot be casual about looking through a viewfinder.
Let us run our eyes all around the viewfinder and confirm if we see the subject right. The art of good photography starts from the way we look through camera’s viewfinder.

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