How to shoot transparent products in the studio?

Transparent products will let most of the light to pass through. This is a great challenge to get the shape and colour of the product.Lalique

  1. As a ground rule, we can try lighting the subject from its back. A back lighting will make the shape stands at its best against any plain background.
  2. The back light should not be aimed directly at the subject, but bounced at the background. The reflected light from the bright background will prevent hot spots or specular high lights on the transparent subject.dettol handwash
  3. Two or more black cards may be used on the sides of the product to define the shape with clear dark outlines.
  4. A white background will be better to show the colour of the liquid in a transparent container closer to reality.Boucheron
  5. A dark/textured background can give a dramatic feel of the product with a spot light on it.
  6. To show the front details of the product, we can use a fill light from the camera angle. This will light the text/brand name/logo of the product. This light has to be diffused enough (may be passed through a white acrylic board) for better details.Pamolive body wash
  7. The product needs to be cleaned thoroughly otherwise the light that passes through it will show off the dirt and scratches most perfectly. Even the finger prints are apparently seen (better use a soft cotton hand gloves while handling the product) when the surface is not clean.
  8. The transparent crystal subjects are far more critical because of its internal reflections and variation in thickness at different points. We need to experiment with lighting and the composition.crystal bowl
  9. A continuous light is preferred to the studio flashes. We can even use the tungsten light (modelling lamp) of the studio flash.
  10. A tungsten white balance or 2500 Kelvin will be suitable. Let the camera be on a steady tripod and use mirror up and remote shooting options while trying long exposures.crystal glass 

How to shoot a ‘Zoom Burst’ ?

zom burst 02

Truck on the highway – effect of Zoom Burst

Zoom burst is an effect created by shooting a picture while the zoom ring is rotated. This gives a feel of radial blur – the middle part of the frame is relatively sharp and clear whereas the edges of the frame will take the blurring effect.

  1. This can be tried with both moving and still subjects. The still subject will give a feel of movement…!
  2. You can choose to use this technic on some dynamic subjects like automobiles or any other action prompting subjects. You can also use this on people when you want to make a special emphasis on to an individual leaving others behind in blur.
  3. Preferably use short zooms (18-55mm/24-70mm) for good effects of radial blur.
  4. Use zooming in or zooming out action for not more than 10 to 15mm range ie.You can zoom in from 18mm to 35mm or 24mm to 40mm. This will maintain clarity and sharpness in the middle of the frame.
  5. Use shutter speeds closer to 1/30, 1/45, 1/60 and rotate the zoom ring at variable speeds for getting a right effect.
  6. Check for the ideal exposure before trying the actual ‘Zoom burst’. A shutter priority exposure mode will be a good choice.
  7. Use AF servo in Canon or AFC in Nikon and continuous shooting mode for better results.
  8. If the camera is on a stable base or tripod, it will prevent the unnecessary hand shake while shooting still subjects.
  9. May be you can tilt the frame a bit for a dynamic feel.
  10. Avoid plain and flat backgrounds. Backgrounds with good colours and patterns are most ideal for zoom burst shots