Camels are beautiful and graceful…!

I heard people saying camels are ugly animals. But when I went around the camel fair in Pushkar, I find them as elegant as other animals. When I Iooked through my camera, I find the graceful body language in its every movement. The way it turns around the neck and head, the way it sits on the ground, the way it stretches on the ground, the way it walks, the way it runs, the way it drinks water, the way it shares the love and affection, the way it responds for its calf, the way it closes the nostrils against the sand storm, the way it greets the owner/boss, the way it obeys the command…. Everything has a beauty in it.

I just had an opportunity to be with these lovely animals for about eight hours in total to capture various gestures of them. Like other animals camels are also very unique and beautiful. More than all they are photographer friendly….!


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