The camel connections…

Though it was a real challenge to shoot the camel fair field without getting fellow photographers in the frame, I managed to do a bit of photography showing the connection between the camels and men in particular. I could hardly spot women in this area where camels are traded. There were a lot of women in the Pushkar town making rotis on the street side food joints. They make authenticated local meal for all the tourists during this season. I did enjoy some good native food.

The connection between the camels and the men in the field was a visual treat and very much emotional.  I could see them cooking their meal, milking the camel, grooming, speaking and some times shouting at their favorite camels also. Some of them even make a signature designs on the camels. Their expressions on the mobile phone, smoking cigars/tobacco, checking the camels before buying, feeding and watering them and ofcourse waiting for a prospective buyer, negotiations, transactions are something a photographer cannot offered to miss to shoot.

Most of these men are in their native attire, but few of the younger generations are in pants and even in jeans and other fashion costumes. May be down the line after few years from now we could hardly get to see them in their native attire. I have carefully avoided the men in pants and jeans just to give the feel of nativity in my photos.


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