It may be a routine…! But still….

It was in the early morning on my first day I entered in to the camel field of holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan, I saw this camel dead in a pool of blood and other body fluids lying down on a mud path.camel dead

The reason for the death is unknown but the decaying carcass of the animal was there for more than three days.  All the other activities are happening around the dead animal so normally.  Only few photographers like me noticed the carcass seriously and wondered as why the body of the camel was not disposed off from the field. May be death of this kind is normal and disposal of the carcass is by natural process…!rowdy camels

When I moved in to the camel field, I had noticed the front legs of some camels are folded or the front legs are tied closer so that the animal could hardly move. Later I found an answer that these ‘disobedient, rowdy’ camels are treated this way in the process of taming them.

crying camel

Little away from my position, a loud howling sound was heard continuously from a camel in pain and I along with other few photographers moved towards the direction to find that the nose bridge of the animal was pierced hard to insert a sharp arrow like mechanical thing without anesthesia..! The animal was tortured for atleast little less than an hour and most of my photography friends moved away as they were unable to see the camel suffering in extreme pain.

nose piercing

This is a once in a lifetime ceremony to tame the camels to put them in hard work. Though it is pretty much a routine, you need a hard heart to see and hear the camel screaming…!

Photography Tip

  • The camera can be wrapped in a soft cloth and stored in a dry place with plenty of air circulation.
  • A few sachets of silica gel can be added alongside if stored in a cupboard/ camera bag.
  • Avoid storing camera within closed quarters for prolonged periods of time.
  • Always store the camera in a clean and well ventilated place.
  • High humidity can promote fungi growth within the camera that might affect the quality of pictures.