On the streets of Pushkar…

A dream location for street photographers…Pushkar, a holy town of Rajasthan. One of the beautiful and artistic locations in India, Rajasthan has a lot of places to shoot. Pushkar, particularly during the Pushkar festival and camel fair in late October and early November is a location a photographer must visit and enjoy. This year I had gone to this place with twenty of my full time photography students and spent about a week in Rajasthan. During this trip I was roaming around a small street near the Bhramaji Temple, Pushkar with my camera. To my surprise in about half an hour I was able to shoot a lot of people pictures. There are amazing subjects everywhere. You just need to be little smart and spontaneous to get the shots right. I tried to bring in the colours and expressions of the place and people. Sadly, child labour is pretty much common here in Rajasthan and Pushkar in particular.

Even though I am a commercial photographer, I did enjoy the street photography for its candidness and the authenticity. Every photographer must take street as a location to practice the overall aspects of technics and art of photography.