19th August – World Photography Day…!

Remembering the awesome contributions of many dedicated individuals, groups and corporates towards development of the art, science and technology of photography…..

Accepting that I am insignificant and surrender for the great art of photography, which is larger than the universe…..

Bowing down my head to all the great masters of photography who had made remarkable pictures that changed the faiths and beliefs of the world……

Respecting all the dedicated mentors whom I know directly and indirectly for imparting the knowledge and the power of photography in me….

Accepting my ignorance for the unknown and feeling proud about the little known facts about photography….

Taking an oath to spread the message of photography and guide the society of enthusiastic young photographers…..

Believing in the imagination, creativity, confidence, hard work, patience, sharing, learning…which are more important than the supporting gadgets and technology.

Living and dreaming only photography…..

Proud to be a professional photographer…feeling high behind the camera

– KL.Raja Ponsing

IMG_0003 (1)

Note: On this eventful day, 19th August 2017 at 11.00 am, Ambitions 4 Photography Academy hosts the INFOCUS 2017, the photography exhibition – the students work and celebrates the Graduation Day – successful students take the credit of the qualification. Dr. Balasandilyan (Balasubramanian, CEO, Vision Unlimited), J.Lakshmankumar M.F.I, Director of photography, V.S.Ananadhakrishnan – fashion photographer, Sudarshan Balaji -Fashion Photographer -participate as guests of honour.