Proud to be a Professional Photographer…



Vietnam-war-napalm-girl-photo by Nick Ut

19th August – the World Photography Day…!

“Remembering the awesome contributions of many individuals, groups and companies towards development of the art, science and technology of photography…..

Bowing down my head to all great masters of photography who taught us thorough their great masterpieces and changed the faith and beliefs of the world……

Respecting all the great mentors whom I know directly and indirectly for imparting the knowledge and the power of photography in me….

Accepting my ignorance for unknown and feeling proud about the little known facts of photography….

Taking an oath to spread the message of photography to the society of enthusiastic young photographers…..

Believing in observation, imagination, creativity, confidence, hard work, patience, sharing, caring and learning which are more important than supporting gadgets and technology.

Accepting that I am insignificant and surrender to the great art, photography which is larger than the universe…..

Living and dreaming only photography…..

This is what it means for me on this ‘World Photography Day’ ”

– KL.Raja Ponsing

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Pushkar and photographers….

Camels and photographers

The photographers (people with cameras) outnumber the camels…is not an exaggerated statement. Wherever I point my camera, there will be some photographers in my frame. It is almost impossible to get a shot without a person with a camera in it.

Photographers on the mound

Pushker this year had a lot of such visitors.  Many of them are beginners, hobbyists and random shooters. They are from some photography clubs; groups, institutes, colleges and of course there are many from abroad. Many of them are with not less than a Canon 5D MkIIIs & ‘L’ lenses or with Nikon D800s and professional lenses. Some of the camera manufacturers even bring a bunch of people with their cameras, bright logo printed jackets like in a road show.


I interacted with some of them and even saw few of their shots. Most of them are pretty much vague even in identifying a subject for photography. When one identifies a subject (it may be camels or people), you can find atleast fifteen others shoot from the back of that one person (sometimes in front of the person also to block his point of view..!). Surprisingly Pushar is a ‘drive-in-studio’ where the subjects, [particularly people] not only comes in front but also remain in front of the person with the camera posing for long till the person tries a technically good shot…!


painted human gods

Most of these subjects – women, kids or the owners of camels or shops demand a lot of money from camerapersons. They don’t let them leave without paying after shooting. Sometimes the camera groups pay a lump sum and enjoy clicking few random shots. There were groups of camerapersons, setting up shots with the men and women dressed and made up in the native costumes for a shot.


dad and daughter

I just heard a local boy asking these camerapersons as what they do with these pictures? Most of them do not have an answer…!

End of the day, its more of fun and time pass.


‘Exhibition quality pictures’ is the standard used to rate fine photographs. I was taught to make every other picture as though I am going to exhibit it. Ace photographers prepare and work hard for many years to exhibit their pictures. These photos were worth to see and every photo exhibited could tell about the strength of the creator and the power of photography. We learned a lot from those photos.
Nowadays, ‘photography exhibitions’ are becoming more common. Recently, I had visited one of the photography exhibitions in Chennai along with few students from our Ambitions 4 Photography Academy. It was a miserable experience that most of the pictures that are not worth even to keep in the personal albums, were blown up beyond recognition and mounted on random frames and sizes.
Those days the art galleries check the quality of the author and exhibits (May it be art, painting, sculpture and photography). Now most of the galleries do not even bother about as what is displayed on their walls. Sometimes, the organizers of the photography exhibition need to satisfy  everyone, if  it is by a group of photographers/members of a photography club. There may be an indirect obligation on their part to exhibit some ones average photograph..!

These are few of the reasons why the photography exhibitions nowadays attract very few visitors. Let us first learn to edit and select quality photographs, challenges involved in printing a digital image and before we plan to exhibit them.
Displaying a below average photograph in an exhibition is like displaying our ignorance about photography.

Here, ‘ignorance’ is not bliss..!